Week 19 Master Key Adventure

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I celebrate Life and Love.  What a wonderful gift and exciting adventure it holds each and every day!   I have so much to be thankful for and  for the many people who touch my life each and everyday. When I began this journey with the MKMMA class 19 weeks ago, I did not realize the effect we would all have on each other.  I appreciate each and every one in this class.  Thank you for all you give and the difference we are all making together.


I watched the movie “I AM” this week and wanted to just share some key thoughts from that film:

God uses people, and he doesn’t have anyone else but YOU.

The power of ONE, everyone has that power.  Just do something, get passionate and galvinate other to change.

Everyday acts, small acts can grow up to multiply and be spectacular in time.

Change happens because YOU are concerned.

People in the world, starving and hungry  affects me.  So I need to give more love, kindness and do whatever I can to make a difference.

We must do what inspires us, because nobody will want to do it with us, if were not passionate and inspired.

Only one way of eating an elephant…. one bite at a a time.

How do I bring out the good in other people?  Change my mind and my perception.  Love is the  Key!

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