Week 21 Master key Adventure




As I was reflecting on all I have learned and applied in this class, I could see so many changes that have taken place, areas where I was stretched and was not sure I could endure but got encouragement from this class and  found I was stronger then I thought.

I have always been very hard on myself  expecting perfection but now I see how that has really put limitations on what I could actually do and become.   I am learning now how to take the pressure off myself and allow the authentic me to emerge.  I know it is a process  and I still struggle at times, but I am excited as I see this happening more and more.

I came across  a video by Phil Hansen,  titled  Embrace the Shake.

He had a physical  limitation that affected his hand.  He was an artist and  as he would try to draw his hand would shake uncontrollably. He went to a neurologist and  found out that he had nerve damage in his hand,  and the neurologist told him to  “Embrace the shake”  At that moment, he felt  his future as an artist was over  but In the process of time, he remembered what the doctor had said and  he decided to embrace the shake.  His choice to embrace his limitation drove his creativity and was creating art again,  but then he found himself in a dark place…unable to create, paralyzed by choices he never had before.

As he searched in his darkness, he realized if he wanted his creativity back, he had quit trying so hard to think outside the box and get back in the box. Thinking to himself, “could I be more creative by looking for limitations?”  We need to first be limited in order to be limitless.

 He said “What seemed to be the ultimate limitation, became the ultimate Liberation. As he was committed to the process,  there were challenges along the way, but working through them, he was learning to let go of problems, failures, imperfections, and in return,  his creativity was unencumbered!

Finding a different way to create, inside the box,  with limited resources and learning to be creative in the confines  of his limitations,  he found was the best hope of transforming himself and the world around him.

 Looking at limitations as a source of creativity can change your life.

Limitations may be one of the least ways of harnessing creativity but it helps us get out of ruts, challenging accepted norms.    Instead of saying “Cease the day, say …Cease the limitation”  

I have limitations that are self imposed, as I find  different creative ways to use the resources  I have learned  in this course…(Law of Substitution, Growth Chart, Gratitude, the mental diet….,) and let go of those self imposed limitations, I have tools of expansion and then I can become transformed, limitless, completely unencumbered by them. Little by little, each step gets me closer.

May we finish strong and continue our journey!




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