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Week 23 Master Key Adventure/ Diamonds


Small diamonds on layered coal.


We are all a treasure, Natures Greatest Miracle! A diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.  We are going through a process to become the beautiful diamond we were intended to be.

Hewn from rocks and pebbles, dirty murky beginnings.
Forgotten over time.
The harder you hit me, the brighter I shine.
The harder you rub me out, the brighter I shine.
The darkness you put me in, the brighter I shine.
The more you break me, the brighter I shine.
From all facets of light, through life and endless time,  I shine.
I am precious.
I am unbreakable.
I am strength unbound.
I can cut through you, and you will still desire me.
For is that not, what I was made to do?
I shine.
From the core.
Dig deeper and there you will find me.
A rich mans commodity.
A poor mans treasure.
I shine.
Keep me safe, and I will shine for you forever.


Week 22A Master Key Adventure



 In my silent time this week , I asked myself questions so I could learn something new or delve deeper in an area so I can grow.   Here  are some  of the questions I asked myself in my silence and the answers and conclusions I received.

1. What is my biggest asset?        I believe it is my attitude.

My positive attitude allows me to see the problems in my life differently.  I don’t allow them to get me down or distract me from what I believe is important.  It encourages me to continually cultivate a positive attitude and  the best thing I can do for others is to speak positively into their lives, let them know I believe in them, and encourage them in their journey.

2.What is my biggest Liability.    Unrealistic expectations.

I have had trouble with this personally in myself.  Expecting too much of myself and then feeling badly when I did not meet that expectation.

What I have learned is, Modifying my expectations to be realistic has allowed myself freedom to grow and set realistic goals for success.

3. What is my most worthwhile Emotion?        I believe the most worthwhile emotion is love.

This helps me grow?  Love is a choice, and it often requires effort.  So to love other as I would like to do, I must intentionally choose to love people every day.

4.What is my least worthwhile Emotion?        The least attractive emotion for me, or anybody,   is self-pity.  It is destructive and self serving.

In Earth and Alter, By Eugene H.  Peterson says,

Pity is one of the most noblest emotion available to human beings:self-pity is the most ignoble.

 Pity is the capacity to enter into the pain of another in order to do something about it. ; self-pity is an incapacity, a crippling emotional disease that severely distorts our perception of reality.

 Pity discovers the need in others for love and healing and then fashions speech and action that bring strength; self-pity reduces the universe to a personal wound that is displayed as proof of significance.

 Pity is adrenaline for acts of mercy; self-pity is a narcotic that leaves its addicts wasted and derelict.

Knowing the negative effects of self-pity reminds me I want to avoid it completely!  It cannot help me, it will always harm me.

I will continue to ask questions in my silent times so I can continue to dig deeper and grow stronger.  May we all continue to grow upward and onward!

Week 22 Master Key Adventure


images (5)

One of the best things I can do for myself as a learner,  is to cultivate my ability to value and enjoy the process of  growth.  It does take time and is a continual process, but what an exciting journey.

As I have been growing and changing the direction of my life,  I have realized that life goals are reached by setting annual goals, and annual goals are reaching daily goals. Daily goals are reached by doing things which may be uncomfortable at first but eventually become habits. Habits are powerful things. Habits turn actions into attitudes, and attitudes into lifestyles.

I can visualize tomorrow using it as a motivation to grow, but if I want to actually grow, my focus must be on today. If I value today, and find a way to enjoy it  I will invest in today.  The small steps I take today will lead to bigger steps I take someday.

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The former movie star  Shirley Temple Black learned about the power of living in the moment from her mother-in-law.  When her husband Charles was a boy, he asked his mother, “What was the happiest moment of her life?”

“This moment now,” she responded.

“But what about all the other happy moments in your life? What about when you were married?” he asked.

She laughed and said, “My happiest moment then was then.  My happiest moment now is now. You can only live in the moment your’re in so to me that is always the happiest moment.”

In my process of growth, I am living in the moment, and it is the happiest moment of my life!!