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Week 22A Master Key Adventure



 In my silent time this week , I asked myself questions so I could learn something new or delve deeper in an area so I can grow.   Here  are some  of the questions I asked myself in my silence and the answers and conclusions I received.

1. What is my biggest asset?        I believe it is my attitude.

My positive attitude allows me to see the problems in my life differently.  I don’t allow them to get me down or distract me from what I believe is important.  It encourages me to continually cultivate a positive attitude and  the best thing I can do for others is to speak positively into their lives, let them know I believe in them, and encourage them in their journey.

2.What is my biggest Liability.    Unrealistic expectations.

I have had trouble with this personally in myself.  Expecting too much of myself and then feeling badly when I did not meet that expectation.

What I have learned is, Modifying my expectations to be realistic has allowed myself freedom to grow and set realistic goals for success.

3. What is my most worthwhile Emotion?        I believe the most worthwhile emotion is love.

This helps me grow?  Love is a choice, and it often requires effort.  So to love other as I would like to do, I must intentionally choose to love people every day.

4.What is my least worthwhile Emotion?        The least attractive emotion for me, or anybody,   is self-pity.  It is destructive and self serving.

In Earth and Alter, By Eugene H.  Peterson says,

Pity is one of the most noblest emotion available to human beings:self-pity is the most ignoble.

 Pity is the capacity to enter into the pain of another in order to do something about it. ; self-pity is an incapacity, a crippling emotional disease that severely distorts our perception of reality.

 Pity discovers the need in others for love and healing and then fashions speech and action that bring strength; self-pity reduces the universe to a personal wound that is displayed as proof of significance.

 Pity is adrenaline for acts of mercy; self-pity is a narcotic that leaves its addicts wasted and derelict.

Knowing the negative effects of self-pity reminds me I want to avoid it completely!  It cannot help me, it will always harm me.

I will continue to ask questions in my silent times so I can continue to dig deeper and grow stronger.  May we all continue to grow upward and onward!


Week 22 Master Key Adventure


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One of the best things I can do for myself as a learner,  is to cultivate my ability to value and enjoy the process of  growth.  It does take time and is a continual process, but what an exciting journey.

As I have been growing and changing the direction of my life,  I have realized that life goals are reached by setting annual goals, and annual goals are reaching daily goals. Daily goals are reached by doing things which may be uncomfortable at first but eventually become habits. Habits are powerful things. Habits turn actions into attitudes, and attitudes into lifestyles.

I can visualize tomorrow using it as a motivation to grow, but if I want to actually grow, my focus must be on today. If I value today, and find a way to enjoy it  I will invest in today.  The small steps I take today will lead to bigger steps I take someday.

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The former movie star  Shirley Temple Black learned about the power of living in the moment from her mother-in-law.  When her husband Charles was a boy, he asked his mother, “What was the happiest moment of her life?”

“This moment now,” she responded.

“But what about all the other happy moments in your life? What about when you were married?” he asked.

She laughed and said, “My happiest moment then was then.  My happiest moment now is now. You can only live in the moment your’re in so to me that is always the happiest moment.”

In my process of growth, I am living in the moment, and it is the happiest moment of my life!!

Week 21 Master key Adventure




As I was reflecting on all I have learned and applied in this class, I could see so many changes that have taken place, areas where I was stretched and was not sure I could endure but got encouragement from this class and  found I was stronger then I thought.

I have always been very hard on myself  expecting perfection but now I see how that has really put limitations on what I could actually do and become.   I am learning now how to take the pressure off myself and allow the authentic me to emerge.  I know it is a process  and I still struggle at times, but I am excited as I see this happening more and more.

I came across  a video by Phil Hansen,  titled  Embrace the Shake.

He had a physical  limitation that affected his hand.  He was an artist and  as he would try to draw his hand would shake uncontrollably. He went to a neurologist and  found out that he had nerve damage in his hand,  and the neurologist told him to  “Embrace the shake”  At that moment, he felt  his future as an artist was over  but In the process of time, he remembered what the doctor had said and  he decided to embrace the shake.  His choice to embrace his limitation drove his creativity and was creating art again,  but then he found himself in a dark place…unable to create, paralyzed by choices he never had before.

As he searched in his darkness, he realized if he wanted his creativity back, he had quit trying so hard to think outside the box and get back in the box. Thinking to himself, “could I be more creative by looking for limitations?”  We need to first be limited in order to be limitless.

 He said “What seemed to be the ultimate limitation, became the ultimate Liberation. As he was committed to the process,  there were challenges along the way, but working through them, he was learning to let go of problems, failures, imperfections, and in return,  his creativity was unencumbered!

Finding a different way to create, inside the box,  with limited resources and learning to be creative in the confines  of his limitations,  he found was the best hope of transforming himself and the world around him.

 Looking at limitations as a source of creativity can change your life.

Limitations may be one of the least ways of harnessing creativity but it helps us get out of ruts, challenging accepted norms.    Instead of saying “Cease the day, say …Cease the limitation”  

I have limitations that are self imposed, as I find  different creative ways to use the resources  I have learned  in this course…(Law of Substitution, Growth Chart, Gratitude, the mental diet….,) and let go of those self imposed limitations, I have tools of expansion and then I can become transformed, limitless, completely unencumbered by them. Little by little, each step gets me closer.

May we finish strong and continue our journey!



Week 17HJ Master Key Adventure

The Path to Successbutterfly5

This week was  good reminder for me on just how far I have come since this journey began 18 weeks ago.

The exercises, the Readings,  the Law of Growth charts, the  shapes and colors,  and the compounding effect has been life changing!

The degrees of success and happiness we achieve in life result overwhelmingly from the actions we take. But the actions which matter most are not those we do every now and then. It is our consistent actions (our habits) which more than anything else determine the direction and success of our lives. Thus, the first key to success, as we all have learned is to create good habits  + Constantly reminding ourselves of our dreams. (DMP)  kindling the flames of desire and light the fires of enthusiasm by reminding ourselves daily of our dreams.  As we envision the summits we  can reach, the rewards we can reap, and the heights of happiness we can enjoy.

Strive continually to activate,  nurture, and maintain the kind of desire that will make you a winner. For successful people, intense, burning desire is a habit, a way of life, and a deliberate course of action. In any worthwhile endeavor, ultimate victory goes to the individual with the most desire!

May we continue to move upward and onward!

Week 16 Master Key Adventure


Blogging has been one of the many things we were challenged to do in this MKMMA class.  I have been blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the other bloggers in this class.  I would like to say thank you to all that have had a part in my growth. As a new blog roll begins on the week of the 20th, I just wanted to share how I was impacted by those in my  group and How grateful I am!

Hal Kintigh shared in week 15 a Ted Talk  video that was very inspiring and a must see.  I realized as I watched it, that I am not FINE…I am FANTASTIC!   I am Natures Greatest Miracle!  I am also following the principle of the 5 second rule and if you want to know what that is, you will have to watch the video.   🙂  Thank you, Hal. This video was so helpful!

Jason Glodshlager  shared in week 15 some great encouraging thoughts of the old blueprint trying to creep in but how he was triumphant in overcoming it and how powerful Gratitude is.

  I woke up this morning, realizing that it is 2014 and that I only have about 5 more months until one of the major goals of my Definite Major Purpose must be achieved.  And the gremlins started to sing…How are you going to do it?  You only have a few months to achieve this goal of yours…it won’t happen…you can’t do it…just forget it!  One of the more powerful exercises I have been utilizing is my Flashcards of Gratitude.    We have learned that we can actually cause gratitude to happen as opposed to waiting for it.  Focusing on our accomplishments, even the, like being able to boil an egg,   helps to feed our conscious mind, and ultimately our subconscious a hearty diet of  gratitude and positivity.  This has enabled me to become deaf to those gremlins and hold on to my DMP.    I appreciate you.  Thank you, Jason!

John Manguray   shared in week 15 how he let his light shine and others saw it loud and clear.  He has insightful and encouraging posts.   

Wow. It is amazing that I have been speaking with people all week where the words I use are critical. I had to prepare for what I was going to say and how I was going to say it to showcase my abilities to help them.  Along comes Greatest Salesman Scroll 4 (I am nature’s greatest miracle and I am unique) , Master Key 15 and the webinar wherein Mark J speaks about an example of Davene’s experience working at the Honda dealer and how he bugged her to approach it with a DMP, Smart Goals, NARC, etc.

I decided to take the same approach for speaking with people and use some of the tools we have been working with.  I have a large pile of index cards so I started to write down simple sentences of definite purpose, plans of action, importance of masterminding with them, what I’ve done right, and what makes me unique to share as I had my discussions. I flash carded these the same as my other flash cards to engrain these thoughts into my mind.  This clarified my words so well that everyone I spoke to heard me loud and clear. I was amazed!

We are meant to shine in this world and not just blend in.  I am learning that I have the power to let my light shine as God intended and how to do it. Thoughts in application. This is what we have been learning to do for 15 weeks.  I appreciate your transparency.  Thank you, John!

Renee Miron -Alimpich    Shared in week 15, how she had suffered a severe cramp  in her foot and how she used the Law of Substition and came up with a wonderful affirmation that I incorporated in my readings.

After what seemed like hours of agony but was most likely 6 or 7 minutes the cramp subsided, leaving me shaken and just a little bit afraid to move. Would it come back? I did not want to experience that again! My thoughts were filled with doom and gloom as I lay on the sofa until slowly, thankfully, my “subby” whispered- use the Law of Substitution! Tentatively I stood up, stretched my arms into the air and made myself proclaim energy and wellness for myself. I have a copy of Louise L. Hay’s book – You Can Heal Your Life, so I looked up cramps,muscles, and feet and sort of had to pick my jaw up off of the ground after reading the Probable Cause and the New thought Pattern entries. Our feet represent our understanding of ourselves, of Life, of others, fear of the future and of not stepping forward in life. Muscles represent our ability to move in Life, resistance to new experiences, and cramps represent fear, tension, gripping, holding on. The Probable Cause entries were hitting pretty close to home. I guess my ”Golden Buddha” has more cement on it than I thought. So, I decided to write down the affirmations from the New Thought Pattern onto an index card and add them to my daily routine of things I read aloud to myself.  With this new insight, I think maybe a few more chunks of cement just hit the ground. I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful. I experience life as a joyous dance. My understanding is clear, and I am willing to change with the times. I am safe. I move forward in Life with joy and with ease. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and  Happy.

 Thank you so much for your posts Renee.  They are always thought provoking and helpful!


Robert Paterson shares the reality that we are all Natures Greatest Miracle!  We were not placed here by chane, we are special, rare and valuable beyond words!

As I’ve noted in previous blog posts, one part of the MKMMA “experience” that we have done since the beginning, is the reading of “The greatest salesman in the world” by Og Mandino.

We are reading it in a very particular way, ( not a one time read through) in order to gain the full effect of the words and the message within them.

Recently, we have moved on to “scroll” IV or chapter 11 in the book.

It’s a real eye opener


I am
So are you
We all are, each of us.

I really never gave it much thought before , but after reading this particular passage, I realize now how true it really is.

In it Og writes:

“Never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, mouth. None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move exactly like me.”   Thank you, Robert for your encouraging and insightful posts!


I am grateful for all of you!  May we continue on our journey full of Gratitude!  Upward and Onward

Week 15 Master Key Adventure

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?download (1)tumblr_l6fiks5fei1qaouvno1_500images (3)

The Law of Growth is such a wonderful thing. It is fun looking for character traits in others that you want to see grow in yourself and it is exciting  for me as I see the trait I  am focusing on appearing more everywhere.   Davene had made the comment “Cloth yourselves in the words you want your life to be”  As I thought  about that, I decided to look up some of the words I wanted to cloth my life in.  Here is what I found:


We are not to be cruel, harsh, and cold toward one another. Compassion is when we forget about ourselves long enough to meet the needs of someone else who is really hurting. Compassion sees a need and seeks to alleviate the pain and suffering surrounding that need. Compassion is the attitude of the heart that seeks the best for those around us.


A person who is kind has good things to say about others and is considerate of the feelings of others. Their words are tempered with grace and tenderness. A kind person is not abrupt or harsh but is soft-hearted, and genuinely cares about other people.

Kindness includes not only saying nice things, but doing nice things. It is not any good to have compassion for people if we never do anything about it. Kindness is love in action. Kindness is going above and beyond the call of duty to help someone out. Kindness is looking for things you can do to be a blessing to others. To be kind, you have to take the initiative to do things, knowing that others may not even be appreciative of what you’ve done.


Humility means we recognize our weaknesses, we don’t have all the answers, and we have a proper estimation of ourselves. We don’t think about how great we are; rather, we submit to one another, putting others ahead of ourselves. It has been said that “humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Humility means we are lowly. It is the lowly who are exalted and the proud who are brought down.


This is is the opposite of road rage. It is the opposite of ranting and raving at the customer service counter in the store. It is the opposite of demanding my rights. Gentleness is choosing to step aside, so that someone else can go ahead.

Some people see meekness as weakness, but it is not weakness; it is power under control. The meek person does not have to fly off the handle because he knows everything is under control.  It takes greater strength to exhibit meekness than to burst forth with anger and lose control.  Gentleness or meekness is a willingness to suffer injury instead of inflicting it.


Patience is the ability to accept delay or disappointment graciously. It means waiting a little longer. Patience is self-restraint which does not retaliate against a wrong. It is marked by the ability to respond in love when others treat us poorly. The short-tempered person speaks and acts impulsively and lacks self-control, but the patient person can put up with provoking people or circumstances without retaliating


It is not enough we endure grief, tolerate other people, and refuse to retaliate; we must also forgive the troublemaker.   Their pride and ego is easily wounded and they cannot bring themselves to forgive other people for any offenses against them.

We must be willing to forgive. To forgive someone means to forego the right of striking back. It rejects the urge to repay evil with evil, gossip with gossip, pain with pain. It means replacing the feelings of resentment and anger with love that seeks the other person’s welfare, not harm. It means the forgiving person takes steps to restore good relations.

Forgiveness may not be easy, but it is not optional either.  If we do not forgive, then feelings of anger and malice will develop in our heart; Forgiveness opens the heart to the fullness of the blessings of God.


This is the most important of the virtues because it holds all the others together. Without love, all the other virtues would fall apart. The Greek word for love is “agape.” This is a special kind of love; it is unconditional and one-way. In other words, you love me, even if I don’t love you back. You love me, even if there is nothing good about me; even though she might not say thank you; even though he doesn’t appreciate what you do; even though there are a million reasons to not love someone, God says to love them anyway.

This is the kind of love that God has shown the world. Even though the world didn’t love God, He loved the world, and sent His son to die for our sins. That’s the kind of love we are to put on.

Nothing is acceptable to God if it is not motivated by love (1 Cor. 13:1-3). To try to practice these virtues and wear  these clothes apart from love is pointless Everything we do must be motivated by love, just as Christ loves us.

All the virtues we mentioned are foreign to the wardrobe of most people.  The more we wear the clothes (virtues) the more people will see them in and through us as we interact with them. And the opposite is also true: the less we wear the clothes (virtues) the less people will see them in and through us.

May we all continue to work on these virtues so we can make a difference in all those around us!images

Week 13 Master Key A dventure



I love how I am being challenged to change my destination and realizing my potential through all the exercises, DMP, note cards, reading Og and so much more…It started with preparation and TIME and I have found my destination did not change overnight, but I had the power to change my direction immediately, to grow on purpose  and  implement the Law Of Growth.  I can say it has not always  been easy and there has been many challenges along the way and I am sure more to come, but I am Grateful for all of them and for the growth I am experiencing and the continued growth I will see.  I persist, I succeed.  I am thankful that each day is the best day of my life and a wonderful adventure on this new destination that will become a reality in time.  I came across this article and it is a great example of inertia of motivation.  I had to examine myself and the choices I am making.  I have to admit there were those times I did not feel motivated to do the thing I needed to, and made a choice but not always the right one. My choices are shaping my life and I am shaping myself.  If you are like me, and have had those times you did not feel motivated, I hope this will help and encourage you.

Just Do It!    

We hear it almost every day;sigh, sigh, sigh.

I just can’t get myself motivated to…(lose weight, test my blood sugar, etc.)  And we hear an equal number of sighs from diabetes educators who can’t get their patients motivated to do the right things for their diabetes and health.

   We have news for you.  Motivation is not going to strike you like lightening.  And motivation is not something that someone else–nurse, doctor, family member– can bestow or force on you.  The whole idea of motivation is a trap.  Forget motivation.  Just do it.

   Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever.  Do it without motivation and then guess what.  After you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.

   Motivation is like love and happiness.  It’s a by-product.  When your actively engaged I doing something, it sneaks up and zaps you when you least expect it.

   As Harvard psychologist Jerome Bruner says, “You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling then feel yourself into action.”

So act! Whatever it is you know you should do, do it.