My Press Release

My Press Release

Interview conducted by Peter Casey

 August 2016

 I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  The sun is shining bright with rays of sunshine beaming down and reflecting off the pond in the front yard.  The ducks along with their ducklings are splashing and playing in the water and some waddling and quacking ever so sweetly.  The birds are singing, as they rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation.  I see butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower collecting nectar, what a site to behold!  The flowers and the trees are vibrant as they display their colors like an artist displays a masterpiece.  How serene and peaceful it all is, definitely a dream come true!

Today is the big interview. Peter Casey, from Australia, a reporter who is seeking to interview five couples who have reached their dreams.    While on our family adventure to Australia, we were at a convention, where we shared our story, it was there that Peter came to us and shared who he is, his goals,  and his desire to feature our family, he is featuring  five couples worldwide and we were chosen the couple in the United States.  He is coming to our homestead to hear and share our story. . .

This is Peter Casey, featured here is one of the five couples I will be featuring in The National Millionaire Report.   I met Randy and Shelly Graham in Australia, December 2015.  It was at a Convention, their story inspired me and I wanted to share that inspiration to the world!

As I arrive at the Graham’s homestead, in Appleton, Wisconsin, the drive leading up to the homestead is lined with bushed trimmed to perfection.  The grounds are fully landscaped with ponds and gardens complimenting the beauty of nature.  To the left, I see a magnificent garden, there is a cobblestone path leading to the entrance with a Victorian style arched entrance and the words, “The Prayer Garden” embellished across the top.    There is a gazebo in the midst, with vines wrapping around the top that have the most vibrant pink flowers I have ever seen.  The fountain is the perfect touch, it sprays the water up in such an elegant style, I can only imagine that all that go there are left with a feeling of peace.    As I continue up the drive, I see not one, but two homes on the Graham Homestead.  Up ahead is a marker that directs you to either the Grahams or to the Goodpaster homestead. As the driveway splits, I go to the right. I am curious to find out the story behind both these homes.

Arriving, I see Shelly sitting on her front porch waving at me as I pull up. I feel welcomed as she and her family comes down to greet me.  What a joyous reunion this was, I had only met them a few months ago, but felt as though I had known them all my life!  As we walked up the stairs to the porch, I couldn’t help but see the pitcher of lemonade filled with lemon slices, the fruit and cookies, they had prepared for me. The white wicker furniture complimented the colors of the house and gave me a feeling of ease and comfort.   As we shared stories, laughed together and our time was meaningful and pleasant.

As I was sitting there, I was taking in all I saw understanding why Shelly picked this very spot for the interview, the view was breathtaking.

As I had said earlier, there were two homes on the homestead, so I asked Shelly about this, and with laughter on her lips and tears in her eyes, this is what she told me…..

“This homestead and all you see is a dream that begun in my heart back in July 2012.   My Father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer a year earlier and with that diagnosis there was a lot of unknowns.  I felt a great responsibility to be sure my mother would be taken care of.  In the back of my mind, I knew this  disease would not only take away the man I once called ‘Dad’, both in his mind and spirit, but also physically, in his Death.  It was a very sobering thought to me.”

“With all this on my mind, I reflected back on all my parents had done for me physically and entrusted to me spiritually,   I have been blessed beyond words, and just the thought of all I have received,  not only as a child, but now as a friend, a wife and a mother, what an invaluable gift, there are no words adequate enough to express the gratitude and Joy I have in my heart. “

“The Goodpasters homestead was built in honor of my father, Gary Goodpaster, and his memory; it is the fulfillment of that great desire to take care of my mother many years ago.   My Dad is now in the presence of the Lord. He is whole again and I rejoice in that.”

Just then, Shelly’s mother came walking up the stairs and introductions were made. Linda was so pleasant; she was sharing her gratitude about her home and the excitement she has experienced in the recent years adventure.  In October 2016, her house was completed and she was able to make the move from Colorado to Wisconsin. She is now able to be close to her family, which was a dream she has had for many years.  Shelly, with a tear in her eye, expressed the Joy she feels seeing her mother happy here in her new home.

As we talked further, their trip to Australia, in December 2015, became the topic we spoke on.   Shelly reflected back to the memories of living in Australia with her parents when they were missionaries there. To be able to go back and visit her friend there would mean the world to her, but to take her family along would be the best gift she could give all of them.  SO, the planning for this trip started so her desire would become a reality.  Shelly set aside funds weekly which enabled her to buy the tickets for her family in November 2016.  There was nine in all that would go on this adventure.  Shelly started to giggle as she recalled the day she held those tickets in her hands.

On Thanksgiving Day 2015, right after the “Thanksgiving Feast” Shelly said, “she had an envelope addressed to each person, with a personal note of thanksgiving and gratitude.  She stated,

“It was the most amazing feeling, as I watched my family open those envelopes for Inside was their ticket to Australia.” I felt her excitement as she shared all the emotions expressed that day.  Tears streamed down faces, Mouths dropped open, hugs were given, and gratitude from them all was expressed. Shelly expressed the Joy she felt superseded theirs, and she was the one blessed that day.”

Peter, the beauty of Australia is breath taking, it had been over 20 years since I was last there and had almost forgotten. We left for Australia on December 15, 2015.  The flight was an adventure and each one had a blast!   My family enjoyed visiting with friends I knew so long ago and we all had fun meeting and making new friends and acquaintance. We took in all the sights, walked down town Sydney, shopped, visited a animal parks and held a Koala bear, and of course we visited the famous Opera House.  We all went to Sydney Tower Restaurant for dinner, the sun was setting, the tower revolving,the night time lights sparkling, it was all such a glorious site.

“A man, by the name of Alex, who works for the government in  preservation of the wildlife, took us on a special trip to the outback. We saw kangaroos in the wild, a family of Emus, Iguana lizards and we spotted a wombat. Years ago, my Dad chased and caught  a wombat and we got it all on tape. It is one of the funniest memories I have of him!  It was an adventure.   What excitement I felt as my family got to experience an Australian ‘Barbie’ and the making of the ever famous ‘Billie Tea.’    It was a true adventure and the highlight of the trip. “

As we were enjoying our lemonade, Randy was coming up the drive, in a Jeep with the logo “LIFE VANTAGE” on the side.  I asked Shelly what is Life Vantage?   “Oh, that is the name of the Network marketing company we work for.  It is through this company and the wonderful people who are in it, that we were able to achieve all these dreams.   And that Jeep was a gift in April 2015, from the company for achieving the rank of Elite Pro 7.  We are very proud of Life Vantage and the integrity of this company.  The scientific breakthrough of Protandim, the validation on, the patents, and the business opportunity and life changing benefits  are giving hope to so many, changing people’s lives.  It is my pleasure land a great Joy to share this with people. “

So in closing, I asked Shelly, “What is the secret to your success?”

“Peter, I have learned no one succeeds alone.  This and all you see was a journey of bettering ourselves, giving to those around us, teaching and training by working side by side with our team.  Leading by example, so they pass it on to their team members and we are all growing together. Getting better and reaching our goals.    We did not make it where we are on our own, it was a team effort and we are very proud of the people who work alongside us.  We are united making us unstoppable. We found the more we give, the more we get, it is awesome!    It is humbling and exciting.  They were sacrifices along the way, and it was worth every one.”



7 responses to “My Press Release

  • rony0392

    Wow! a fellow LifeVantage distributor… And I thought I was the only one… LOL.
    My partner, Susan, & I would like to connect with you.

  • mkroger

    Really nice job on this, Shelly. Sounds like you’re an MK, too! When I look at a new blog, I also like to look at the About page and older posts to get to know the author a bit. Maybe shouldn’t take the time, busy as I am, but I find words of kinship and encouragement there. I did enjoy this post… well done.

  • Sandra Owen

    I love your PR Shelly. It brought real tears to my eyes and I could see and feel your beautiful home. Your dad would be so proud of you. I can totally relate to your feelings as my father died when I was a little girl and my grandmother suffered from Alzheimers towards the end of her life. I too am looking at the possibility of having 2 homes next to each other of myself and my mum and fulfil both our dreams as she would love to teach art. So honoured to be sharing this journey with you.

  • mknewtnews

    Your Press Release is a beautiful expression of faith and family. Great job on doing and being you.

  • John Manguray

    Beautifully written Shelley. I was right there with you!

  • rama772013

    So very heartfelt and lovely. Wonderful. ❤

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